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- Tom Vincent

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"I had always dreamt of learning to play the drums but never had the confidence... but I took the plunge and started having lessons with Tom based on his glowing recommendations. I can honestly say it has become my favourite hour of the week! In 2 months I have not only learnt so much about drumming but also about different styles of music as a whole. The lessons are challenging, but strike the perfect balance between being structured and professional as well as fun and interactive. Tom is really patient and encouraging, even with a complete beginner! I would certainly recommend him." Laura Welstead


“I’ve been having drum lessons with Tom for about two years now. Tom’s lessons are well-structured, challenging, encouraging, diverse and most importantly fun. Tom is patient and has incredible talent for teaching the drums. He has taught me loads of stuff, from a basic rock beat to some more challenging four way co-ordinated samba grooves. Tom is one of the best drummers I’ve ever met and never ceases to amaze.  With Tom, you’re guaranteed to make fast progress and have a great time.” Luke Nelson


"Having had an excellent teacher in Vienna, I was keen to find a teacher with whom I could continue to progress quickly. I found Tom through a web search and have been delighted I did. Tom's teaching style is relaxed and progressive with a focus on building skills and applying them in a practical way. In the last few months my playing has really improved along with my confidence as a player. Long may it continue ....!" Julian Roberts


"I have been having drum lessons with Tom for about 1 year (I am 11 years old). I knew nothing about drumming when I started, but now I have got my own Roland drum kit and would love to join a band when I am older. Tom has always given me so much encouragement, he is patient and a really amazing and talented teacher. I feel totally at ease with him and he always makes my lessons fun. I look up to Tom, I trust him and would like to be like him when I am older."

Cameron Hobbs


"I started my drum lessons in October 2010.  Playing drums had always appealed to me but due to time and financial constraints I was never able to pursue this interest until this point.  With free time on my hands I decided to take the plunge and got in touch with Tom.  As a tutor Tom has an extremely welcoming manner and is very patient and calm – 2 qualities which are vital to a relative novice to percussion like me.  I continue to enjoy the lessons some 14 months on and have my own kit at home which I practice on as regularly as other commitments allow.  The material at times can be challenging but the rewards far outweigh the hard work when you find yourself playing along to your favourite tunes."

Paul Morris


"My son started drumming Lessons with Tom after receiving his first set of drums as a Christmas present. We thought as we were going to hear him playing at home, listening to correct drum music would be much kinder to the ears. Jamie has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons with Tom and continues to do so, and having the lessons has certainly  paid off."  Bev McKay


"I been having drum lessons with Tom for 2-3 years now and have enjoyed the different playing styles and improvising to songs. Also learning new techniques and doing fresh lessons each week. Even if you aren't the best of drummers to begin with Tom will help you and give you advice to help you improve your skills. I would say Tom is one of the best teachers for people of any skill and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a Drum Teacher." Jamie McKay


"I have been having drum lessons with tom for around a year now, each week the lesson offers a unique and different variation of drumming. the lessons cover all aspects of drumming, and hit the balance between practice and theory perfectly. Tom is encouraging, supportive and is always willing to go that exra mile in order to help you become a better all round drummer. The lessons range for all standars of drumming, and with toms patience and encouragement the level of preogression is always rising. Overall Tom is a fantastic teacher, aswell as a great guy to get to know. I would recomend him without a second of hesitation." Des O'Brien


"I decided to take drum lessons after always wanting to learn from a young age but was never given the opportunity at school. I have been attending lessons with Tom for a few years now and I am very very happy with my progress, he gives me all of the encouragement and support I need and I can always text, call or email if I find myself stuck and he is always quick to help me out. Tom completely understands that sometimes a hectic work schedule can get in the way and will always do his best to make sure that I keep up with regular lessons. A very happy customer indeed." Mike Allen


My son has been drumming with Tom for two years now and has rarely missed a lesson, it is the highlight of his week! Tom has given my son so much guidance and the two of them get on exceptionally well. Ed knew nothing about drumming when he started with Tom, now he has his own Rock Band, on his second kit and wants to be "just like Tom" when he leaves school. High praise from a teenager! I'd recommend Tom any time, trustworthy, nice, patient and flexible. Julie Jordan


Tom is extremely methodical and systematic with his teaching. He has an obvious gift for what he does, and conveys it well, even though his student may be at a very basic level. Ian Simpson

Tom Vincent provides the ideal role-model for the young 'would-be' drummer. He is inspirational and encouraging and has successfully gauged just the amount of challenge that my son needs. His lessons are well structured and progressive and my son is always clear what he has to work on when he comes away. This means he is well movitated to practise and is consequently making very good progress. Janis Dolding


I've been having drum lessons here for almost a year, starting as a complete beginner. The lessons have been excellent - very structured and with a logical progression through various exercises which gives a real sense of progress. There's also great use of tracks to practise your skills with. Tom is an excellent teacher - patient, clear and flexible enough with his instruction to ensure even I can get round the most challenging of rhythms! All in all, great value for money & I wouldn't hesitate recommending lessons with Tom. JM Cox


I started Drum lessons with Tom Vincent after a break from playing of over 10 years. In the last 3 months I’ve learnt more with Tom than I did in 2 years of lessons at School. I would certainly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their drum playing. Tom Miller


My interest in drumming started late in life and I have found the perfect teacher who gives me loads of encouragement and praise. The lessons are fun, informative and challenging. I am thoroughly enjoying the drum kit lessons and feel that I have made significant progress in a short period of time with the help of my teacher. Areej Abdi


Providing drum lessons for the last year or more from a complete novice starting point. The tuition is very professional and structured. The style of teaching is very good and interactive and I would recommend happily. Colin Manley


I have been having lessons for a little over a year now and am delighted with the progress that I have made in all aspects of my drumming. Tom covers all styles of drumming to ensure that you develop as a well rounded drummer. Theory, practical playing advice and musical appreciation are all areas that Tom has encouraged me to improve on and his keen interest and depth of knowledge is inspiring. Toby Ernster


I have been taking drum lessons with Tom for the last 7 or 8 years. Not only are the lessons enjoyable and productive, the real bonus is the diversity of the topics covered in lessons. Tom covers everything from techniques to drumming in all musical styles. The lessons have enabled me to see drumming from the bigger picture and therefore really broaden my abilities as a musician. Chris Jull


Learning to play the drums has always been a dream but it's only aged 33 that I decided to take the plunge. Tom has now been teaching me for a year and a half and I love it. The lessons are really well structured, offer plenty of variety and are fun too. Tom surely knows how to adapt to his students! He's really good at making me want to learn and improve every aspect of my playing - this gives me confidence and helps when I'm feeling a bit lazy. Plus, he plays brilliantly and I like to go to his gigs - inspirational for me! Manon Badel


I have been having lessons for roughly 5 or 6 years with Tom. I have studied a diverse range of different drumming styles both practically and theoretically. Not only has Tom aided in developing my playing and musicianship skills as a drummer, he's also aided me with my music knowledge as a whole, helping me to achieve a grade A in my GCSE Music. Tom has also been a great help with activities outside of lessons, giving advice and help with regards to my band. Tom is a friendly and approachable teacher and I've never had any issue seeking his help or advice. Ian Squibb